Saturday, March 01, 2008

a damn eva

I think that after two weekends of use I’m clear to pass judgment on the newest coffee babe in the house. It’s been a natural progression from drip coffee maker with glass flask, the drip with the thermal flask, to a French press, and finally to the Café Solo. There may be another step taken when I science out and move to a vacuum flash maker but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I stumbled upon the Solo while standing in line and perusing the usual coffeehouse fare for sale proudly displayed on an Ikea shelf: pounds of coffee, thermal cups, hats, a few bits of tea, and myriad devices to make you the better home barrista. I did some research on ‘the internets’ and found rave reviews and a high cost – up around $100 for the 1L unit. Come to find out the unit at Murky Coffee was only $75; maybe they got a bulk coffeehouse discount and saved me the shipping. X bought me the unit as a birthday gift and it’s been run through it paces over three or four weekend morning. I have to agree with the coffee bloggers (nee: geeks) that the process of allowing full contact between the grounds and the water for an extended period and by not pressing them to the bottom makes for a better cup. The long use of my French presses is filled with happy memories but the Eva is better. She also looks pretty hot with her little neoprene slinksuit half unzipped and her bosom exposed during the week…just waiting for a Saturday morning. Being as Eva is a Danish company it’s no real surprise that the stuff is good. I have the greatest cheese slicer that I bought on a trip to the Danish countryside – plus, Danish people are the tallest, happiest, blondest, best looking folk on earth.

H. is back in town for the weekend and I took the two chuk-a-lumps bowling on base this morning. Ft. Myers has an $8 deal on Saturday mornings that gets you two games, shoes, and a hot dog (I skip the dog). I made them a wager this morning that they’d get a dime for every pin they beat my score with their combined effort. What I learned real quick is that even if they’re chucking 6s and 7s each frame I’ve got to roll marks. G. came on late with a strike and spare in game 1 and it did me in 185-153. I fought back in the second, pride and all, but still lost 175-173 (both my opens were 1-pin second ball misses). Overall I lost $3.40 on the deal but well represented myself with a 163 average while throwing a hacked-up ball-of-the-wall. They enjoyed beating me – who doesn’t. We’ve got a pile of Greek food for dinner tonight; the boys piano teacher/opera singer is coming over with her husband.


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