Wednesday, March 12, 2008

flaws and all

Here’s what I don’t understand, never have and never will; why is it that public figures, when caught in malfeasance or criminal activity, feel the need to have the spouse trotted out, looking dire and beat down, during press conferences after being nabbed? It’s not only the sex busts that bring out the spouse and kids but any titillating issue. What purpose does it serve? I mean, shouldn’t there be an equivalent prop if you’re deeply religious? Shouldn’t you trot out your Pastor, Minister, Rabbi, or Father during your press conference to “speak of atoning” for your sins? Is the family there so we can gawk at them and wonder just what they must be feeling? It’s one of the great mysteries of political drama. It makes me feel like there is something they are responsible for even though clearly they’ve little to do with the action and everything to do with the pain. What I’d like to see at one of the press-arazzi events is the spouse staying on after the statement to answer questions – that would be gold.

Spitzer’s statement today sounded more like a Spiderman retirement than a gubernatorial resignation. I think he said this almost verbatim, “I have to accept that with power comes great personal responsibility…”

With that said, he turned and planted one on Mary Jane, shot some web out of his wrist, and slung off over Manhattan.
Another Wednesday.

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