Friday, March 28, 2008

here's $1 jimmy - now be quiet

X is harassing me about entries – she’s demanding.

I happen to have tickets for the Capitals game on Tuesday night but I return to craigslist every few days to see what’s on offer for the final two home games. It’s mostly a slagheap of ticket agents, people looking for tickets, or the occasional sellers that are either overchargers or sane people selling at face value. And then, you have this buyer who presents a few issues:

“I need two Tickets to the Washington capitals Game on 4/5 Lower level only please. Near Capitals bench would be really cool! Will pay up to 250.00 for BOTH Tickets.

My son really, really wants them!!!!

Email me or call 540-xxx-xxxx. Will pick up at a very populated area only. A bank or Major retail store or restuarant. (don't feel like getting robbed, safety for both of us).
Thanks and have a Great DAY!”

First, he’s flaunting his 250 clams instead a spending a little time searching. You can find this type of ticket for about $65 a seat. Second, his positive attitude toward sellers – robbers, heathens, killers, etc. – is just uncool. I’m sure he’s seen all the real-life crime that inhabits craigslist and is duly warned by FoxNews; he'll no doubt be packing heat for safety. What if I offer to meet up with him at Georgetown Law? What about outside a minor department store, something like a Target? What about at Whole Foods? Or the Apple Store? Could we meet at the Amsterdam Falafel shop in Adams Morgan? How about Kramer’s Books at DuPont Circle? I guess if someone offers to sell you tickets and they want to meet in the worst corner of the city, you should either not buy those tickets and/or leave your little MikeTV at home – your assumptions can be left in your McMansion out in Herndon. I wouldn’t sell to this guy if I had free tickets, great seats, couldn’t make rent, and his little Veruca Salt was an honor roll student at some GREAT school. I have to say, the “…have a great DAY!” almost saved my opinion of him until I realized just how much I hate caps – have I mentioned that?

I noticed in the clearance carts at our local grocery store that we’ve got a collection of Easter leftovers that includes multiple sets of “Bible Highlighters”. What I need to know is this: if I try to highlight a Garcia-Marquez book will the highlighters work? Must it be scripture?

The house move seems to have been approved and we’ll probably move the first of May.

I won’t yet get to the Disney serial that ran at this week. I’ll hold that until I get over my endless whining.

Have a nice weekend.

Love to all.


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