Saturday, March 29, 2008

twang twang sing song

This right here is a collection of a much more impressive group than the junk we worship these days. In fact, if you go back and read my thesis on Charlize Theron and then compare her to this group you’ll know the dif. I was wondering if the slide show would move into the current crop – and they did – but only Gong Li and the fabulous Cate made the cut. To that I say, well played.

The Eleven is off to the countrified sounds of the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash this evening. I took G. to the video store to pick-up some entertainment for the late evening while we're gone and he chose Enchanted – which really was a good movie even if the Academy Awards show completely botched the songs. I noticed in the rating box (PG) that the deciding factor, or ingredients, for this particular movie rating are: some scary images and mild innuendo. I’ll look up the definition of innuendo when I’m done, but I don’t think there are actual levels of innuendo, are there? Isn’t innuendo meant to be subtle? Feel free to correct me if need be.

Oh, the flowers and cherry blossoms have exploded


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