Sunday, March 02, 2008

hippies out the other side

I call it serendipity, X calls it something else. We spent the morning funning research on a list of the best schools in the area as chosen by the WaPo. She was looking for somewhere for H. and so it was that we stumbled upon the New School of Northern Virginia who happened to be running an open house this afternoon. We shot over to get a look at the joint and she knew in the first ten minutes that she’d found the place. The school is still run by the gentleman, let’s call him Dumbledore, that began the quest in 1989. There are about 120 students in grades 4-12 with classes set at 12 and fewer – usually fewer. I want to go to the New School and I want to teach at the New School. It’s a wonderful environment and I think it’ll be the perfect place. And to think that I simply wanted to sit around and read the NYTimes on a lazy March Sunday.

The dinner guests last night made the history books by being the first folks to have one remove a shirt at the dinner table. It’s not something you expect to come across after spanakopita and mint tea.

We ended up in a Sears department store today – what are the odds? I didn’t think there were still Sears stores in place. They’ve completely changed their mentality and now seem to be outlets for name brands merch and all the employees work on commission; they’re very helpful. Sears? We were after two 8-gallon humidifiers for the apartments - I need moisture for my naturally curly hair.


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