Tuesday, March 18, 2008

our time

I think Barack Obama has done yeoman’s work in keeping race out of the election; that’s not any indication that race hasn’t been an issue but simply a point that he’s tried to avoid. What you don’t want to do is grease one into his wheelhouse and force him to tee-off on the issue. I know how politics work and I know he knew he’d have to make this speech at some point – the opening is probably cribbed from his years of teaching Constitutional law at the University of Chicago. What this gave him was an opportunity to give all of us exactly what we deserve – a good smack about the head. This wasn’t an issue that his opponents wanted to really get into and, in fact, it’s come sooner than I thought. The idea that we needed to hear this says almost as much about us as it does of messenger. Take a little time and listen.


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