Friday, March 07, 2008

will work for food

I’ve decided I need a pressure cooker. I’m going to assume that there’s one in either Florida or Vermont that can I steal. There are tons on offer over at eBay but the really good, old ones are getting snapped up at a pretty penny. For those in Florida or Vermont, don’t start getting all Antiques Roadshow on me; you can’t trot the cooker out to some Holiday Inn or Episcopalian conference center, get it appraised, and think I’ll give you more than a cooked meal for it. Nothing more.

It appears we’ll have guests down on Saturday. I’ve been forwarded an e-mail that may or may not serve as formal documentation – answers and ideas from the WonderTwins are left wanting – so I’m gathering up some harvest goods and plans. The place’ll be empty as G. heads to Omaha for the weekend so I’ll get cracking on Friday night. (As a plea in advance: between the WonderTwins and their cousin Ellen, the said visitor, Corey and I have to deal with three mean ol’ lawyers. If you don’t hear from either of us by Monday AM, call for help!)

Most of you in the blog battlefield know that we’ve got a little commune going here on North Park. What’s most surprising is that when either Corey or I leave for a week suddenly it’s not a matter of “there’s some food over here if you want some”, but a more exigent problem of starving trees of monkeys. It’s always more frightening when there’s hunger around…you can’t just pawn it off on “your own damn apartment” Corey’s being gone is the only way to get me to finish dinner by 6pm (or so)…normally we trot out the dishes at about 7 or 7:30 which can sometimes be too late for the other kibutzzers.

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