Sunday, March 23, 2008

i and tina review

We’ve been house hunting (house renting hunting) over the last few weeks. The problem with us and the hunting is that there are a few things that could break the deal: wall-to-wall carpet, electric stove/oven, more storage space, three bedrooms, and an overabundance of bathrooms. There are a few things we’re interested in finding that wouldn’t be breakers: close to the Metro (at least avoiding the horrible roads), staying in Arlington County, and keeping the rent penalty below $2,500. Yesterday we walked into the perfect home – what I’d build if I could angle for a house that is worn by age. A place that’s full of light, space, wood floors, decks, patios, a garden that flows down a back hill, and a house set high enough that there’s nothing to see but big trees and the sky. We’ve got the paperwork in and should know the answer by mid-week. We’re very happy. I’ll have room for a roll-top desk…cheers around.

What’s grinding on me this week is Tina Fey. You’re wondering who Tina Fey is – she’s the chick from 30 Rock who used to be the head writer and Weekend Update anchor on SNL; she’s damn funny. It appears she’s busting on Jonathan Stewart for his “comedy-come-politics” – she finds it patronizing. What it really comes across as is sour grapes; Tina Fey seems to be a Hillary supporter and Stewart may not be. In fact, Fey’s commentary on SNL last month (?) that coined the phrase “bitch is the new black” was genius. I think her take on Hillary Clinton was top-notch – and I think Clinton would be a great President – but Fey has fallen into the same behavior as Clinton: pissed at not getting the chance to step-up and take her place when the groundwork has been laid; call it the ‘my turn’ theory. But to impugn Stewart because his audience supports his comedic turn is a horribly shallow stance. Fey would be better to take Stewart’s niche that brings in the folk who are either too stupid or too lazy to realize that what we see on the news is both comical and horribly tragic. She’ll respond nicely – certainly better than this first shot – and give me the stuff that’s been her strength: funny, cutting, and true to her sense of comedy and the news. Shoot, comedy and the news are essentially the same thing.

I was off into D.C. this afternoon for a performance of The Hostage by the Keegan Theatre. Before that story, there’s this – D.C. actually has a fantastic number of theatres and companies but the prices are a bit heavy. I’ve discovered the little secret of the truly half-price ticket venue down on 7Th St. NW. With that discovery came today’s ticket and three third-row seats for the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s History of America on Tuesday night. You ask of today’s show? Well, it was difficult to know ahead of time if the show was tragic, horrible or, in the words of the WaPo “a raucous musical”…or something like that. It’s a comedy, an Irish musical, and a blast. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a theatre swilling Irish beer and taking in a very enjoyable show. I would have taken X but some it was too difficult to figure out whether or not something called The Hostage would be a bit too political. She studied…the life of a soon-to-be-barred law student.

Laurel will be here in April for a long weekend of Smithsonian tourage. That girl has more S'sonian time that anyone who doesn't like in the greater D.C. area.

Forgot to mention this newsflash: tourists, everywhere!


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