Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I think I’m going to start a campaign in this season of campaigns: we must be agents of change and eliminate clip art. Not just the stupid “art” but even the phrase. Maybe an IT’er out there can enlighten me on why we still use clip art when we’ve had access to the web – and graphical content – for over a decade. It seems like the original point behind providing us stooges with clip art was because the olden machines didn’t have any other way for the user to access some kind of chuckly graphic for the big Bake Sale / volleyball game / comment box meeting on Tuesday night. But now we do have access to the internets and it’s way beyond time for me to ever see a piece-of-crap clip art rendering in a company meeting. Who uses clip art? I actually browsed the clip art that comes with PowerPoint and pulled out a few random, yet precious, pieces of slag. (As an aside, I’m also about done with PowerPoint; it’s an enabler.

I think the guy with the light bulb would so cute for our “Great Ideas!!!!” campaign at the office; “Remember to only use your computer to create useless charts!”; “Oh! The toast is done!”; “Keep us Geared Up! For Progress!”; “This is a telephone”. Maybe to ingratiate yourself even more with me you can combine these great! symbols with some crappy animation that has each word spin onto the screen during your horrific annual training on refrigerator usage in and around the employee coffee bar. Or, you could create some funny yet misaligned announcement for the jewelry appraising party at your house on Friday and forward it to me via e-mail. That would be awesome! Where did you find the clip art of the man looking through the magnifying glass…ha ha ha ha ha.



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