Sunday, June 01, 2008


This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I like this simple performance. I pulled up Taj Mahal when I found out he'll be here for the Jazz Festival in September.

While we’re on music, apparently X thinks my opinion of my pop / hooky jewels is overrated in my wee head. She was cooking on Saturday night and I offered to fire up some music on the kitchen system. This didn’t go well because what she really wanted was some jazz; that nugget was not passed on during her request call to the DJ booth. I think I went 0-for-5 before she mumbled something about my crappy music and stomped off to find her wee case of mystery music. The last thing I’ll say about this slap down was that at least I have dinner ready before 10pm when I’m cooking. Take that.

We’ve got a B & B booked for Buffalo tomorrow night. From what the owner tells me, it’s on the longest one-way street in the city. I’ll bring along a camera and get some photos of the legendary throughway.


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