Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the kids are alright

I almost gave you a youtube clip of Rick Springfield doing Jesse’s Girl. Consider this a reprieve of sorts. Instead, I’m going with the Erin McKeown of the Eleven’s live music safari. We finally saw her at the Birchmere earlier in the year. This is her doing You Were Right About Everything. Talented, funny, and a little crazy will get a long way in this world.

The Virginia U.S. Congressional primaries where yesterday so I was at the polls for the long haul. Arlington County managed a shocking 4.3% voter turnout with my precinct bringing a staggering 61 votes (of 2000+ registered voters). With six poll workers the ratio was well within what we could handle. We’re expecting the swing in November to upwards of 1500 in the precinct. Don’t ever tell me I don’t give you some interesting news.

We’re hosting some kind of soiree on Saturday for the WonderTwins’ mother’s friends. We’ve got the room and I’ll do the doing for some milling-around nosh. Amy asked me today if I’ll been apprised of the situation, to which I replied, “I’m some sort of ‘prised.”

The heat has subsided a bit and we’re back to the high 80s and humidity.

The Cubs are still winning.

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