Monday, June 09, 2008

the house has the advantage

Now we’re talking serious action – and it’s for charity. Since I’ve read quite a bit of Buffet’s own writing, innumerable articles and books about his life, and being an Omaha boy, there’s no way I’m not taking Buffet on this one. First and foremost, he’s not in unless he thinks it’s a (near) done deal. Second, hedge funds guys have no rules, no real heroes, and no chance. Good stuff.

I’m a bit mystified by Big Brown’s run on Saturday. They claim the hoof wasn’t an issue but it’s a little hard to believe a horse of that stature simply had nothing to give. The jockey pulled him up at the head of the stretch and coasted home in last place. I’ve seen Triple Crown bids ended by a horse getting beat on the long stretch run but I don’t remember an attempt that ended with such a nonchalant performance. The jockey, in an interview this morning, said the horse simply had nothing to give and there was no point in legging it out for fifth or sixth place. I don’t know. I suspect there’s more to it than we know.


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