Friday, June 06, 2008

wii wii

I’d like to watch the French Open men’s final. (Do they call it the men’s final in Paris? Is it like Wimbledon where they call it the gentlemen’s final? Is it the Finale des Hommes?) I’m of two opinions concerning Roger Federer and his slump through the first quarter of the year. First, I think that at 26 (?) he’s at the end of a career playing as the best in the World. Just about every great mens player has started to fade, some more rapidly, at this age; notable exceptions being Agassi and Sampras of late. Second, I don’t care about that age issue – I’m much more certain that the mono he had early in the year has effectively drained him for the entire 2008 season. His arrival on the porch for the final may be one of his greatest achievements. Even when healthy he’d have a difficult road against Nadal but this may be the last chance he’ll have to close the career Grand Slam. I think he’ll do it this year, take loads of time off for the remainder, and then make a massive push for the sixth consecutive Wimbledon and fifth straight U.S. Open. If he gets two-of-three he’ll tie Sampras and I could honestly see him retiring; I don’t think that record is what he desires. It’s been a much greater pleasure watching Federer’s career than any other of my lifetime.

The boys were gifted a Wii from their father and G. asked me today if I wanted to play some games with him. Fortunately for me, all they have are the basic sports that I can deal with: baseball, bowling, tennis, golf, and boxing. It was during the second inning of our baseball showdown that G. gave me a wheelhouse fastball that I crushed to deep right field – just as X decided to trundle through the batter’s box in order to water plants. My Manny-like follow through, beautiful as it was, carry right into her left eye. The managers called time as the team trainer – and frozen vegetables – addressed her wounds. I think she’ll be fine. She didn’t need to be carried off – she’s no Paul Pierce.


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