Friday, June 06, 2008

gimme religion

This will be my one and only horribly partisan announcement between now and November. If I wander, if I sway, I’ll expect a sharp slap on the head. Everyone is free to slap.

I vividly remember sitting in my massive living/dining room in Fernley, Nevada, watching the 2004 Democratic National Convention. In fact, I was running the DVR, for some unknown reason, and I remember getting to the end of the keynote address and clicking back to the beginning to give it another listen. I remember knowing right then and there that I’d seen something amazing. I can remember talking to X on the phone and throwing forth unbridled commentary on some crazy guy who made sense; some unknown 43 year-old Illinois State Senator that lit our lives. Even then it was seminal. I think WonderTwin #2 pointed out that he was hot…she’s actually useless in the end.

What is most interesting in the videos is that it isn’t until about a minute-and-a-half into the second video that the convention gets fired up. When you watch the first video you’ll see the folk walking out for popcorn, wondering who this guy is, pondering dinner for the night, and generally being lost. But…once he gets going you’ll feel the energy, you’ll see the hope, you’ll wonder just how it is that we’re so fucking cynical. This was his greatest moment.

From here out I’ll give equal time to both candidates. I’ll try to poke-and-prod at the strengths and weaknesses of each. I won’t change; but I’ll be the devil.

Donate. Be a part. Vote.


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