Wednesday, June 04, 2008

gods and queens

So much under the bridge over the last thirty-six hours that it’s hard to know where to start and what to leave unearthed for X. I’ll address some issues that might be bypassed by her eventual entry covering our single day jaunt to the Great White North. My overall, yet wholly undetailed review, would be that it was an amazing series of events; not a step askew. Since I’ve been dubbed “Julie the Cruise Director” during any number of our travels I’d like a moment to respond to just one ‘fact’ of this adventure. As you may or may not know, I have a tendency to do a little research about future journeys that may, or may not, involve any of the following: advanced tickets, train and Metro timetables, maps, custom Google maps, reservations, additional miscellaneous research, other maps, duplicate directions, satellite views of Hamilton, walking distances, musical selections, pre-printed boarding passes, passports, show ticket storage, menus (if available), and any myriad detail you can imagine. I then sometimes put all the information, in timeline order, into a laminated document protector. Or, I might not. On Monday night, prior to launch, X hands me a quarter-folded sheet of paper that included doodles representing some new type of electric razor, a guy’s face, two flowers, and three unidentifiable drawings of dogs. Down in one corner was a number that appeared to be some sort of ‘confirmation number’. She says, “Can you put the rental car confirmation number into your pile of documents?” In initial shock and/or agreement I said sure, no problem, while reaching for the tattered ‘document’. What I was actually thinking was, “This! This is a document to be used for planning? Dear God.” Needless to say it wasn’t actually the car rental reservation but a series of useless numbers.

What we have in the greater D.C. area today seems to be monsoon season. We’re in the midst of our third massive front of this June Wednesday. We’ve lost power, the traffic lights are in-op, roads are flooded, cell phones are down, and the little critters are drowning. I heard a tornado hit around Falls Church while I was out fetching G. this afternoon but I haven’t seen confirmation – it wouldn't be a real surprise since the rain seems to have been moving upward, as in up to the sky, throughout the day. X was stymied on her commute home today and my horror stories simply revolve around trying to get anywhere near a Fairfax County Metro stop during the afternoon swale to fetch her and bring her home. It was rough out there.

I broke my no news promise today. I’d grabbed the paper from in front of our heavenly B n’ (almost) B when the proprietor asked me what I thought of the race being over. I read the front page quickly and confessed to my lent of news. I also grabbed the NYTimes at the Buffalo airport to follow-up on what’s happened. How do you expect a man to travel airports and not buy papers? I consider myself forgiven. I’ve stayed away from it since getting back this morning.

I know you’ll think I’m mad but I’ve got a long Buffalo/Hamilton weekend travel getaway for anyone interested. Give me three days and two nights in upstate NY and I’ll show you the best time. You’ll get great digs, great folks, a show, awesome food, and lovely museums. Seriously.

My photo / music video entry today is of England’s own (and the stunning) Webb Sisters who backed Leonard Cohen last night. They’ve also played for the Queen – I’m not sure which is more impressive.

Give me a call at the agency when you’re ready to see Buffalo.


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