Sunday, June 15, 2008

dinner and the date

I’ve given up on the self-imposed current events and politics blackout. I think I deserve some credit 15 days time served. I fired off an e-mail to a friend this morning concerning Obama and the presidential election and that seems to have busted the dam wide open. I bought the Sunday Times when I got to Reagan for my USO shift this afternoon and walked to my desk with a renewed sense of getting back into the game. Even though I didn’t make the goal, it was a welcome break from the ranting and raving about the blogs and news sites.

On the Metro this morning I spied a passenger wearing a “Club Sandwiches Not Seals” t-shirt. Though a creative logo, it’s not quite subtle enough to get me to chuckle. It made me realize just how fine the line is between subversive and merely catchy.

The Eleven hosted a dinner party for ten last night – our first in the larger ballroom space. Actually, we were hosting for Amy and her friends. The day finally evolved from cleaning and cooking to relaxing at exactly 5pm. Our timing couldn’t have been better as that was the planned arrival time and a few showed up smartly at 5. Dinner kicked off at about 6:30 and everyone appeared happy and well-fed by the time they headed home at 8:30. The old apartment’s dining room (for those that never saw it) housed the 6-person table with one short end against the window; the room was too small to squeeze even six in comfortably. The Hilltop has so much open space that we are able to set the table together with and the dark wood sewing table and very comfortably seat all ten; and there’s still loads of room for people to wander about or dance the tango. We like it.

The last two days of the U.S. Open have been amazing. Tiger turned a 30 on the back nine on Friday and then wrapped yesterday’s back nine with two eagles and a birdie. The doubling over in pain after any number of shots – and the scrambles to recover – may be too much for his final round today. I would love to see him win but I just can’t see 30- and 60-foot putts rolling in and chip shots dropping the cup. Of course, if he can get to the greens without too much damage he may be okay but that’s a tall order. There’s absolutely no good reason to believe he won’t tough it out and win but if I had to bet a paycheck, I’d take the field. The week has already been his most amazing golf performance regardless of today’s outcome.


p.s. that isn't our table up above. Ours was a bit more random.

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