Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cool swiss

We'll keep it as light at possible on a summer Wednesday. With Wimbledon in full swing we're bound to have fashion to discuss; I'm nothing if I'm not a fashion maven. For some reason the grass at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club brings out the runway model in every player. I'd have suspected it would've happened on a more routine basis at Roland Garros in Paris but apparently there are two issues at play: first, the clay in Paris would make a mess of your togs and, second, the requirement to wear all white while participating in SW19 means that everyone needs to sort out something shocking...and white. Last year Roger Federer came to the court sporting a white blazer over tennis shirt and shorts; devastatingly handsome. The jacket idea has been pounced upon this season by a number of the ladies entries: Serena and some other female player I can't identify. Roger, being the leading man that he is (and at least one step ahead of the masses), decided to explode out this year with the smart cardigan and massive "gucci" looking manbag. It's nothing but top scores to him. 

In response to Fed's style sense last year, it appears that Shazza decided to bump up the ante and open this year's play by sporting not only the tuxedo jacket look on entry, but she played in the tux shirt and tux playing shorts. Touche.

Don't look at me that way. You know I already picked Federer to win (of course I picked him to win the French also) but my ladies champion is to be none other than Jelena Jankovic - two Serbs in a row for the women's Grand Slams

Hey to everyone.


p.s. I can go back to railing on people and politics whenever you'd like.

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