Wednesday, June 25, 2008

irish eyes

I almost decided to open with some ramblings about the military academies and their seemingly endless problems with religiosity; or, a couple of Supreme Court decisions handed down this morning. Instead, what I’m asking for is an extra $7m that anyone might have hidden in couch cushions or Swiss Bank accounts. I’m fully convinced that this is where we need to be living. Why? So everyone can come visit and hang around Ireland relaxing – it’s all for you, really. Consider your multi-million dollar contribution as some kind of timeshare investment. I’ll cook.

Loosely based on The Eleven’s NYC excursion to see La Boheme, we’ve decided to take in three operas performed by the Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center this season. Even with fancy-pancy opera doings and big money donors about, I’ve managed to procure some front row seats in the first tier which should serve our needs just fine. (We’re on to see Carman, Turnadot, and The Pearl Fishers.) The last of the shows is in May so I’m going to swear off tickets, with the exception of any future Steve Earle or Tom Waits dates, until after that last show. I’ll live with hockey and opera.

If anyone has any question concerning the rule against perpetuities just let me know. I’m apparently still studying for the Massachusetts Bar on a nightly basis.


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