Saturday, May 31, 2008

josh ritter

I generally don’t care much for music videos anymore but I think I’ll give artists and directors a go over the next month. This is a 1st of June shot of Josh Ritter doing Girl in the War. Ritter is a great songwriter that's true to his work. If you hear him live you’ll know just how much he loves what he does; and just how amazed he is by his success.

The Eleven is in the midst of planning and re-planning travel details for this week. We're off to Hamilton, Ontario via Buffalo on Tuesday morning and will be dropping H. off at another Southwest gate so he can head up to Mass. We'll be seeing Leonard Cohen and heading back to the States, and D.C., on Wednesday morning. We've got to figure how to get G. to school that day: I think maybe we should kick him of the train at the station and send him on down the road.

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