Monday, May 19, 2008

law and order

X graduated from law school on Sunday; the weather forced the ceremony, diploma giving, and reception indoors, so attendees were limited to two for each graduate. Her mother and I were lucky enough to join her and the other JD and LLM kids in the old Georgetown gym on the main campus. It was a very nice ceremony but it’s the more than three years of academia that impresses me most – pomp and circumstance be damned. What you see from the professors that attend in their myriad of robes is the same look – a look that parents give when their children have moved onto sixth grade. She, along with two of her cohorts in crime, graduated with Honors and all of the Owls (Older Wiser Law Students) so move into the real-world of employment delays and business casual dress. I’m very proud of her. (Once we locate the camera disc loader thingy from the moving boxes I’ll post the photog of the lovely and her pals…)

Corey and Wondertwin2 took her (and me by default…free dinner, no studying) to dinner last night at a fancy joint down in Alexandria to celebrate her mean feat. What none of us could figure out was why we didn’t just have dinner at home since Corey decided he could make everything; a bit of mystery. I’m wholly unable to make anything that looks remotely gourmet or Food Network-y since my limits are set at the “mess of food” level. This is probably an answer to the issue of why he can bake and I can’t.

Two things for you to ponder before I next type: first, what do we think about the Aussie double-amputee sprinter trying to qualify for the Olympics; second, how ‘bout those Cubs.

Love to all.


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