Thursday, May 29, 2008

changing the method

I'm old enough to have vivid memories of The Carol Burnett Show. It was pure joy to watch Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, and Carol make each other lose the ability to function. I remember her monologues and the ear tug, I remember Mrs. (ah) Wiggins, I remember innumerable skits where Conway got Korman laughing so hard that he couldn’t remember any lines. I think Korman’s death is the first that affects my childhood viewing of TV. Those shows were so goddamn funny – RIP Harvey.

Along more serious lines; I’ve decided that I’ll read no news throughout June. Ripping my attention from the debates and politics of the day is unfathomable yet I decided while standing at the bus stop today that I simply can’t read the heinous poison pervading everything. From American politics to foreign relations – it’s too much. I need a serious f&^king break. Maybe I’ll tone down my rants; maybe I’ll be able to accept the commentary by everyday people that includes language I find incredibly offensive. My bookmarks and podcasts will be limited to sports, literature, etc. My mind is about to explode. Come July I’ll get back in, touch my toe to the pool, and decide whether or not I need to ruin another summer month of my life.

For the month I’ll use the Cubs to track my progress. I’ll use my music to throw out ideas; I’ll talk to everyone much more – I know, you’ve been traded into my life as the player to be named later.

I find looking at the sky, sitting on my porch, and kissing my baby to be much more important.


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