Friday, May 23, 2008

staring into the weekend

A few bits-and-bobs to wrap up the week before we kick-off the big Memorial Day holiday weekend.

I remember buying Jeff Buckley’s Grace CD back in the mid-90’s, I don’t remember if it was before or after his death, and hearing him sing Hallelujah. At the time, I didn’t know jack about Leonard Cohen and wasn’t brought into the fold until X and I discussed some question about what singer/artist we couldn’t live without. My answer was Steve Earle; hers was the great Cohen – then I learned. I bring this up because Andrew Sullivan linked to a Later with Jools Holland clip of k.d. lang singing the grand tune on the Beeb. It’s a great song and she can certainly handle it. I’ve often tried to find links to performmances on Later only to be shot down by the BBC Web site – I guess I should try the youtubes. Enjoy.

Here’s a link to a story at The American Conservative that is somehow both admiring of Jim Webb’s work on the Hill and then slaps at service in the military. You should read the whole article but it’s the opening of the fifth paragraph that should scream, F&*^ off. I’m pretty sure I’m onboard with anyone serving under fire, voluntarily for three years, and getting to then attend college on my dime. Can anyone be serious when bitching about, and comparing, the odds of dying in combat and attending college? Based on the length of WWII, which is the basis for the Webb bill, those three years are perfectly acceptable. I won’t need to do any work against McCain in the autumn because he didn’t support this bill and it's just another mark against. I also like that it had a veto-proof majority.

My final bob is this cover article from this week’s Washington City Paper. It's the best story I’ve read from a very good source. I’ll keep my analogy to my little old self.

Have a lovely weekend.

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