Tuesday, May 06, 2008

carolina blue

You can say it's easier to be magnanimous when you're leading in states, votes, delegates, and (closing in) on superdelegates. Obama was fantastic in Raleigh tonight - he reached out to both his and Sen. Clinton's supporters. There is no way we can allow the left and the liberals to split and spend the late summer hating each other because of a very harsh campaign. But...what we are seeing now is a party bleeding out slowly and getting weaker each and every week this continues. I don't think I've ever voiced a desire for Clinton to quit - it's her job to fight on and look for every opportunity to win, and she's welcome to it. Have no doubt that I'll support her if she's the nominee. What the party needs to do is shit or get off the pot. Those superdelegates that can make the difference need to make the difference, now. Their decision needs to be made this week and the party needs to support that decision - the rules are in-place for them to influence the drive toward either candidate because those are the rules that were agreed upon. The fact that they are hiding, en masse, in order to save their own asses is appalling. They were established in the early '80s for the expressed purpose of providing guidance from within the system yet they seem to be sitting at home watching American Idol. In fact, a prime example of a superdelegate wasting our time is the President of the College Democrats who seems to be waiting for...for...pint night? A defining letter from Chad at ASU? Anything? I've never heard a more inane interview than I heard with her on NPR last weekend; and she's a law student! I had to look her up...Lauren Wolfe. What Ms. Wolfe doesn't understand is that her decision isn't based on anything other than her own processes - go figure, Prez of College Dems playing politics. I don't care who she supports; I care that she makes a decision.

The Supers need to end it.

And while I'm at it; I stopped the van today, rolled down the window, and kindly asked the woman in her car on Haycock Road to use her lovely turn signal...that thing on the stick. I beg and I plead.

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