Thursday, May 15, 2008

push and pull

I remember reading about train stuffers in Japan; here they are.

I’m torn because I often think it’d be a great idea (I may even beg) to have pushers at the busiest DC Metro stations – primarily to stop tourists and lunatics from impeding my progress – but if it’s really this crowded then I think I’ll just back off. I guess you won’t be reading your newspaper on this line.

I got an e-mail from a friend who I knew well from my time in England and elsewhere. He was long ago been dubbed “Euro” by our good friend and has stayed to true to an idea he told me about years ago. I think he planned much better than I for his first foray after retirement:

"Hey man...I'm retired as well, as of 1 January. I'm married, living
in Omaha with my wife who is still in [the Air Force] for another 2 years. I'm in Cork, Ireland at week 5 of a 12-week cookery course...Ballymaloe Cookery School. I've decided to become a cook and work my way towards being a Head Chef, concentrating on local/seasonal products, etc...yeah, much different life than the one I left. What are you up to in D.C.? Well, I'm off to do some filing and ordering of work for tomorrow morning's cooking...take good care, Bryce."

Son of a bitch. He’s just the kind of character to pull this stunt on me, “Hey look, cooking school.” I’ve already looked my GI Bill to see if they’ll pay tuition – I’ll save for three years and maybe in the Summer of 2011 give it a go.


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