Tuesday, July 07, 2009

taco todd

In my Omaha youth I had an elementary gym teacher, Mr. Halperin, who might be considered by many as an early Chris Berman. He was making up nicknames for kids during sport endeavors long before Berman unveiled his ESPN mug (and he ended up marrying the hot fourth-grade teacher!). I was a pretty good elementary school athlete: all-arounder, good basketball player, pretty adaptable even it was the days that I still threw my tennis racquets. I'm sure many kids looked up to the gym teacher when they were young and Haleprin was no different for me. For some reason he once dubbed me "Taco Todd" - even if that doesn't sound as entendre-ish as ESPN, it was pretty big for an elementary kid. I think I even drew it in those cool 3-D letters that every kid learns on the front of my faux-denim three-ring binder. At some point, maybe in fifth grade or so, he'd let everyone take half-court shots in the gym/cafeteria after school. Anyone who made one would get a gratis chocolate shake at Goodrich, across the overpass. Good times. That's my backstory.

The boys had a couple of friends over today since they are leaving tomorrow for a month. Tonight's plan for their dinner was tacos and I was suddenly hit by the fact that I'd need more tacos than required for two boys. I somehow managed to turn the fixings into 16 tacos to feed four hungry mouths; no mean feat. As they were laid out, half with sour cream, half without, they were set upon by locust. Loads of oohing-and-aahing at my simple taco feed on The Hilltop. It got to a point that kids were selling tacos to each other for hard, cold cash. I'm not sure if I felt used or flattered. That's about life, ain't it?

Taco Todd, indeed.

One more thing - this Michael Jackson thing is comical. I loved a decade of his music and he was a grand entertainer but really, all this? There's a picture of his brothers sitting in the front row at the sports event / memorial each wearing a single, sequined glove. Honestly, at the risk of offending those that have passed on, it was horrid. That's all I have to say about that...

love to all


P.S. I just got a text from L. asking me if she has unlimited texting on her phone. What do we think that means? My response was, "Should I get you unlimited texting?" I think the question is actually answered by the question. I see some charges coming on this month's bill.

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