Saturday, July 25, 2009

evening out

Last night was spent in and about the city. L and I headed in to met X at Rosa Mexicano for dinner before heading separate ways - X to a gathering at a friend's house in NW, L and I (the 51) over to the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in the Penn Quarter. Woolly is hosting the Second City Improv for a three-week run of their Barack Stars show. (We had tickets prior to the invite to NW so splitting up, post dinner, seemed the best option.) The show is two hours of great fun; poked at President Obama, the GOP, the public, and anything else they could imagine. Even Laurel was impressed and laughing all night - it's two hours of very good theatre. Much like the Oresteia a few weeks ago, this troupe represents what's really great about live theatre in the six to eight-member mold: everyone can sign, dance, act, and deliver great lines. You'd be hard pressed to have a better time on a Friday night - and, they're letting you take your drinks in during the show! A rarity only seen of late at the Keegan Theatre on Church St. This was my first visit to Woolly Mammoth and it's one of the great theatre spaces that I've seen. There's not a bad seat in the house, the design is gorgeous, the staff top notch, and location easily accessible. The lobby is perfect for the size of the audience and the ticket prices reasonable. They offer $20 standing room only tickets which actually seem like a great idea. There's a bar rail/standing area behind the main floor seating that would be quite comfortable for a two-hour show. We'll definitely be heading back throughout the 2009-2010 season.

Here are a few shots from last night: Laurel over the main lobby and then posing with "Michelle".

We have a herd of kinfolk and friends over tonight. Report at 10.


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