Monday, July 27, 2009

so very sick and tired

What I find most strange about the first six months of the Obama presidency is this: the categorically weak positions now either held or supported by the 58.3 million that voted for John McCain; and the people that continue to support the arch-conservative movement so blindly. I want, for just a moment, to make it clear that 66.8 millions Americans – not Sarah Palin Americans – actual American people, voted for Barack Obama to be President of the United States. Those people are no doubt a part of your family, your neighborhood, your friends and co-workers. That 66.8 million come from the military ranks, academia, white- and blue-collar families, whites, black, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and every other corner of the country from Maine to Washington to California and back to Florida. You may not agree with the decisions that have been made so far, and that’s the way it should be, so voice those policy differences loud and proud. But remember, when you decide to idly repeat the moronic theories and hate that is so deeply rooted in the opposition then you’re basically telling everyone else that supported, and still supports, the President that we too are terrorists, Muslims, baby killers, America haters, unpatriotic, and secret communists and socialists. A whole bunch if incendiary words that are meant to convey nothing more than blind hatred of the President for whatever reason you choose to throw out there. Think long and hard about what it says – long and hard. I’ll give you a few tips: anything other than the baby killer slag is directly reflected by the fact that Barack Obama has a funny name and is not white. How exactly do we get to terrorist, Muslim, unpatriotic (tied to terrorism), and most likely socialist, if Obama weren’t black? Feel free to take some time to sort out a defense for continuing to not only believe these stances, but to actually spread them as if backed by facts. Maybe you don’t think you’re a part of the fringe that contains whackjobs and conspiracy theorists – but, in reality, you are. The folks in this video may not be your Members of Congress but they certainly don’t fall under what we might call the fringe as they are currently sitting members of the House of Representatives. Have a watch.

These are Members that either aren’t smart enough to get the hoax or are so blinded by complete loons that they can’t answer a simple question. The only reason a politician won’t answer a question – well, one of many – is because they are worried about getting re-elected. A U.S. Congressional District is made up of approximately 750,000 people living in an embarrassingly gerrymandered areas (gerrymandered by both the Republicans and Democrats). If the stance that House Member X is taking on Obama’s birth is because he’s worried about his rigged constituency not voting for him then we are talking about a ton of Americans who are seriously confused. Obama was born in Hawaii and any lunatic who continues to hold any position different than that is lost. Watch that video again – these are members of the U.S. Congress who are running away, in suit-and-tie, in order to not answer questions; and these questions aren’t even substantive – they are questions that can be answered by anyone of sound mind and body. I don’t even care if the video is edited and there were twenty others who did answer the question. The ten or so in here are evidence enough of the insanity: his birth, terrorist, Muslim, baby doubt the rumor that he's a fag will be thrown out pretty soon.

We’re all free to take a positions on abortion, religion, the wars, taxes, the stimulus, healthcare, the bailout, the economy, more on taxes, the Middle East, nuclear weapons, or Rahm Emanual. What we are not free to do, like it or not, is to incite people to violence by the very means used throughout history. Claims of support for terrorism, cries of conspiracy, the screaming of wholly untrue accusations used purely to incite are ignorant. What Sarah Palin did at her rallies, fully supported by John McCain and all of those in attendance, was nearly criminal. Maybe it seems like fun now – or a stand-in for an actual opinion on issues – but it’s not. It’s lazy, it’s ignorant, and it's embarrassing. What happens when something truly terrible happens? Are you going to sit on your porch and play the Limbugh / O’Reilly defense? “Hey, they were just words. I didn’t kill anyone.” Think about it. Pick yourself up and have a reasoned stance on the issues of the day. Have a position that is true to yourself and your ideals not some stance based on the fact that Obama is black, a terrorist, a communist, born in Africa, or a hater of America. Read that list again. Now read it again. None of those words are positions – they are simply you resorting to playground catcalls that you should have outgrown by now.

In 2012 there will be another election and we’ll all have had time to see what’s been done right and what’s been done wrong. We are six months in with three-and-a-half years to go. Time is needed to get anything done in Washington and six months isn’t a reflection of anything. Scream about taxes and the deficit and all the spending – but do your homework first and make sure you know the numbers…for both the spending and deficit now, and the spending and deficit from the last administration.

Good luck, we’ll need it.

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