Sunday, July 05, 2009

30 is the new 40, and 15, and love

In the end, the fifth set could never go any other way. Roddick broke Federer in the first - to win the set - and early in the fourth to essentially grasp hold of that one; but it wasn't going to happen in the fifth. Even though Federer didn't get that first break until the ultimate game, Roddick had zero chance to break over those 15, fifth-service games. If you look at the numbers from the fifth it's not so much that they are lopsided as it becomes clear that Roddick never even sniffed a deuce game. I think he may have gotten to 30 two or three times, led at 0-15 or 15-30 twice, and got lambasted the remaining games. Federer, on the other hand, continued to chip away at Roddick's service games, getting to deuce at least the final three games - probably four times in the set - and eventually he was going to close one out. Both men played fantastic tennis and I sat mesmerized for the final 3 1/2 hours; like Pete Sampras, I showed up a bit late.

"She was reliable 90 percent of the time." I've lifted this little gem from a news story. I'm trying to sort out at exactly what level you'd classify someone who is reliable 100 percent of the time. I imagine telling my boss that I'll be reliable, for the most part, and only skip out on work one day every two weeks. I mean, I'll be around but it'll be a bit of a mystery as to why I'm not at work. I like this management style.

I'm running a strange experiment on tonight's - delayed from Friday - pizza night. Don't worry, the boys will get the usual but I'm going to try to do a roasted new potato, roasted corn, leek and garlic wonder; with everything resting on a vidalia onion, white wine sauce. Reports to follow.

It was a very cool 70-degree holiday weekend. Everyone still has all their fingers since we didn't really do fireworks.

hey to all.


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