Saturday, July 11, 2009

"don't be an a-hole." - the furies

So, last night I took my love to see Dizzie Miss Lizzie's Roadside Review's version of the Oresteia. Call it a mythological tragedy, if you will, but this troupe of minstrels turned a very entertaining presentation. They'd first done this last year during the Capital Fringe Festival and this year they've been booked late nights into the Keegan Theatre in D.C. for three weeks. There was some serious discussion as we were homeward bound about the adaptation misfiring on the Eumenides portion of the trilogy; it was a bit slapdash by skimming over the Furies chase, social justice, and the hung-jury issue of the law. Granted, it's an important bit that ends up being wrapped in a big Kumbaya finale song (good as it was) that doesn't quite give full force to the finish of the actual text. But, for a rousing evening's entertainment it can be overlooked because there are so many great talents across the stage. Everyone is musically gifted, they all act well, the rock n' roll aspect is fantastic, and the comic turns hilarious. X's laugh-out loud moments during the Furies center stage moment and Orestes' ponderings were comforting. (She thinks one of the Furies licked me during the show but that is wholly untrue.) Orestes, in particular, was just great. As Elektra is trying to convince him to slay their mother - during a revival/bible-thumping song - he finally yells to all to just "Shut the fuck up! I hear you!". From there his soliloquy addresses his feeling that he's "a bit ambivalent" about killing his mother and uncle. The music and performance was grand all around and I'd recommend it to anyone wandering DuPont Circle on a weekend. Bring your tap shoes and your hoots-and-hollers.

Laurel has arrived safe-and-sound for her summer month here in D.C.; trading kids on The Hilltop.

I managed to recreate the goat cheese and corn enchiladas with mole sauce this evening. It was met with howzahs across the house.

We have the farmer's market and test run for Laurel's commute tomorrow morning. Results to follow.

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