Sunday, July 26, 2009


Laurel and I headed over to Eastern Market this afternoon to get our first look at the refurbished (re-after-the-fire-ished?) market and wander the artisan stands outside. I don't know if the re-opened main building has attracted more locals folk, or if it's a combination of the tourist season and the new building, but it's very crowded these days. It also seems as if the new building has drawn in even more craft, arts, and flea market sellers. The finished building is quite nice inside and they've perfectly arranged the food sellers in the exact same positions as from the temporary building - no worry of getting lost when trying to find Bowers Cheeses. We managed to escape the heat while gathering pizza fixings and a variety of veg for the week. Once we got into the artisan area I ended up finding a cat-hood, bamboo bath for Mavis, a huge ceramic tea mug for X, a few containers of loose tea, an Obama print, and two massive lemonades...for survival. Aside from the lemonade, I'm not sure any purchase could be dubbed a necessity. Laurel somehow managed to convince me to buy her a bag of hot, mini-donuts which she then overly dusted with the supplied powdered sugar (the overdusting being fully intentional and not merely a mistake). She could only get through five of the seven donuts before giving it up and thereby extending her life by at least ten years. Here's a good look at the overdone bag of donuts:

Dinner last night went well once we figured out the table configuration for ten, or eight, or nine, or see the problem. The beets, sweet corn, and homegrown garlic are roasting for tonight's pizza extravaganza.

The heat and humidity furnace has been turn to the full blast setting. It's lovely.


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