Saturday, July 18, 2009

ah, shhhh, get out of here

As I was putting the final touches on a miniscule dinner party last evening - and, after fetching the WonderTwins and a co-worker from the Metro - there was monkey chatter all about as they tore into a package that had arrived at the house. There are a few things to know about when the monkeys are together; first, if they both know what's in a package then it's clearly a pre-planned event of great excitement. Second, if it somehow involves you then you know you've been dragged even further into the clan's clutches. This package included a print by Amber Alexander (shop her cool stuff here). There's long been the opinion that I'm more type / blog, and watch or listen quizzically at the loons who live in the canopy; believe me, you don't want much to do with those that live in the canopy. So, my reflective gift was this print which is truly a priceless rendition of me and my couch...and newspaper....and coffee. Not a monkey in sight.

I'll have a Laurel's week update later today. Maybe even a guest post.

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