Tuesday, July 15, 2008

what's the answer?

Last night the Eleven and L. (I guess for the summer we could all be The 61 if we go by the LXI roman numerals…) headed out to for trivia night to one of the local microbreweries / restaurants over in the old neighborhood. We brought L. along for three reasons: she knows a lot about mythology and the current crop of children’s books, we couldn’t very well just leave her at home, and finally, I offered her any dessert on the menu. The decision to head over for the quiz came fairly late so we didn’t have adequate time to prepare mentally or physically for the challenge. I’m not sure what we would physically do but maybe some stretching would’ve helped. Once we were seated and L. had ordered her sundae it became obvious that we were the smallest team – accounting for 2.5 adults. Some teams had 8 or 10 players that appeared to include some Weird Al Yankovic ringers…don’t ask and don’t worry, I’m not setting up any excuses. The first round (of four) rang us up in dead last of 17 teams involved. You see? The stretching would’ve helped. Our performance over the final three rounds was impressive enough to climb to a tie for 14th after the second, 12th after the third, and a final standing of 6th at the end. Well done! L. read her book, ate her sundae, occasionally pondered the entire situation, and was one-for-one when asked for an answer – she came up with the correct kids’ movie answer. What we really needed was help on the first two questions of the third round: who was the dancing lady with bananas and fruit on her head? and, who was married to both Frank Sinatra and Mickey Rooney? We got to Carmen on the first question but couldn’t come up with her last name (blame me for distraction); we had no real idea on the second. The final bonus question was intriguing: what two states that border each other have the highest rate of smokers in America, and the lowest rate of smokers in America. We bet the most points allowed and the answer no doubt moved us five or six places up the chart. I think that if we draft another player we might find ourselves battling for a top-three position some Monday night.

L. had little to report on camp yesterday. It seemed she was fairly middlin’ on the events but there wasn’t anything necessarily bad. Hopefully the Smithsonian will up the ante today and get her a bit more interested.

I think there was some agreement during the quiz, while my guard was down, that we're going camping this weekend. Yikes.


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