Thursday, July 24, 2008

going once, going twice

Since X is all busy with her "Bar" studies and feels no need to add to her blog, I’ll relay this nugget of a story. Earlier this week, at about 7 or 7:30 pm on some night, there was knock at our door from the crew of a white 25-foot, mostly plain looking moving van. There was some black lettering on the side that said something like “Fine Furniture Department”. The schtick from the door knocker was this: the county of Fairfax had sent them out to sell excess or unused furniture that the county either didn't want or no longer needed. I know what you’re thinking, “Be careful, I don’t think they are from the county!” We’re still not sure who would fall for this rouse – late at night (when all county workers are always working), “unmarked” truck going door-to-door, or being anywhere on our little bitty street as some kind of offering process to county residents. X immediately recognized the problem, steered well clear of the asking price on unwanted county furniture, and scored us three rugs, two winged arm chairs, and a set of personalized towels (initials - GJT) for $100. Nice.

I was cutting the grass last night and am beginning to think my $15 Jacobsen lawnmower will make it through only a single season. It sounds like an F1 or NASCAR car that’s lost a cylinder and is just turning laps for practice. Don’t get too worried for us on the Hilltop, it still cuts fine and contributes its clippings to the glorious compost heap in the back corner.

I’m about to get very serious in my planning for the Stowe trip next month. I’ve mostly sorted out the knives, cutting boards, waffle makers, and other equipment; now I’m trying to draft up menus for six dinners. If you’re going to be there, and you have requests, you know where to find me. Risotto is already on the menu – you’ll eat it and you’ll be happy.


p.s. X didn’t really buy anything from the fine furniture van. But if she’d taken a look…

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