Wednesday, July 16, 2008

if i had a hammer

I think this is the most sane coverage of the New Yorker / Obama kerfluffle. What strikes me immediately in this newest, minor explosion is that it so closely mirrors the “bitter and clinging” Obama verbiage from earlier this year. Those that are supposedly ‘offended’ by the cover, which I think is brilliant, are offended for someone else that they think might be offended. We, us left coast liberals, think we know what those we imagine not being smart enough to understand satire are offended by. “I am offended for them.” It’s some strange juxtaposition of truth in what people think and someone else actually saying, writing, or drawing it out loud for them.

In defense of all those on all sides: I think we are a nation of whiners, I think there are people who are bitter and cling to things that give them comfort, and I think there are a load of folks that believe the Obamas are terrorist Muslims. The truth hurts us all a little bit.

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