Tuesday, September 08, 2009

this and a bunch of that

The tomatoes were canned and I'm on the lookout for fresh figs (jam canning) but haven't had any luck. They were selling mission fig trees at the market and apparently they'll grow here but I haven't had any luck finding a pile; I fear the days are numbered. One more go this weekend for the elusive little bastards.

What I have decided - figs or no figs - is that I'm ready to give handmade mozzarella a college try. I'll have a few things on order over the next week and I'll need a load of fresh, raw milk but I think it may work out well - there may well enough to pass about the neighborhood when I'm done.

We've got a load on the agenda for the rest of month: someone turns 40, the Caps kick off the pre-season, X is going to see Helen Mirren on stage in Phedre, we've got opera (Barber of Seville) next week, visitors arrive in two weeks time, I'm trying to travel to Dallas the last weekend of the month, the National Book Festival is on the Mall (looking to get L. a signed copy of The Last Olympian), the Hilltop Block Party is upon us, and I think I have some time at the LOC and USO on the docket. Maybe if I do away with work there'll be more time.

That's a late night late night.

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