Sunday, September 27, 2009

kick, drum, heart

I've read quite a bit about the Avett Brothers over the years but not enough to go and get the music. Big mistake. Their new album, I and Love and You, hits stores on Tuesday and here's a little vignette about a song called Kick Drum Heart. I've gone back and downloaded their stuff from They were here in D.C. early last summer but I hadn't been converted - they'll be in Baltimore next month but I'm holding out for a return D.C. date later in the album tour. Here's the tour page from the Web site so if they hit your area I'd highly recommend a night out - the shows are suppose to be excellent.

I didn't make it to Dallas over the weekend. I had the flu come on Thursday morning - stayed home from work - and it flared up worse Friday afternoon so I decided that two, 3 1/2 hour flights in three days and infecting the entire family wasn't the best idea. It wasn't as bad as I thought but I suspect it would have been horrid had I flown. I'm very disappointed to have missed my father's party - I had all my photos collected for the get together.

For those following along, my primary fantasy football team with my co-workers is absolutely horrid. Horrid.

My beloved spent all day building a new airing shelf for the bedroom. The classic wardrobe was unsat so she purchased an L-shaped set of shelves, got out the saw, drill, rachets, and curtain material to create a masterwork in the boudoir. I know it's seems like that would be man's work but man was cleaning the living room, kitchen, and cooking dinner for the hordes. That's manly, right?

Hockey season is upon us and I've found another single-seat holder in my row so we've agreed to marry up our seats - moving a few couples left and right - and I now have two seats for 21 games vice a single seat for 41. If nothing else, I'll save money on beer.

Back to work in the AM to wrap up a few projects.

I've I passed along that I'd rather be a student and a baker? Dreams.


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