Sunday, September 06, 2009

not peckish

"I took Emma Hawkins, the great taxidermy and curio impresario, and she rather liked her nuggety bisque." - AA Gill

Gill's review in the Sunday Times isn't great, isn't horrible, sort of just middling for him. For some reason the above sentence got me to wondering just how I could become a great taxidermist and/or curio impresario. I'm half-tempted to start looking about for some community college or university program to begin working on next term. Since my 'business' cards already declare executive chef and chief correspondent the addition of any type of impresario or stuffer would only further impress.

I was preparing an Italian plum crumbcake and X looked and me and queried, "Who do you think is going to eat that?" You see, she's not much of a cake gal (though she does love this cake) so the idea of entire cake sitting about the place is confusing. I told her I'd eat the whole damn thing myself; after all, I also bought some vanilla bean ice cream this afternoon. Maybe when her children return tomorrow they'll scream aloud for plum crumbcake - happens all the time.

I've got ricotta gnocchi on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon. It's a first go for me and the ricotta is hanging dry overnight. I think there's an 89% chance of success. Film at ten.


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