Wednesday, September 30, 2009

from here to there

I'll end September with an endorsement of my TomTom portable GPS. We ended up going from Ft. Myer to X's work this afternoon after a doctor's appointment and she swung us around a beautiful route into downtown D.C. From there I asked her the best way home to which she asked if I'd rather take a bit longer, geographically, route but save four minutes of travel time due to traffic avoidance. Hell yes, I typed with my pointy finger. I had my doubts but I ended up getting routed for a short run on the GW Parkway, a dump into Arlington, and then onto I-66. Simply perfect. That whole satellite, live traffic, and eleventy-billion maps and routes is sweet. I won't doubt her anymore. Of course, I was going to change the voice to Raul (Spanish) but H. told me that wasn't such a great idea. I think X is also duly impressed. If you've ever spent any time in the NoVa / D.C. area then you know the roads, signage, and travel can be an absolute nightmare - if she can make it here, she can make it anywhere.

The weather has turned to my favorite: cool for here autumn. Suppose to get down into the mid-40s tonight and our highs have struggled to get near 70 all week. Perfect.

Maybe I'll have more come October.

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