Thursday, September 17, 2009


After beginning the season - actually a bit early for new seasons, but our beginning anyway - with the Oresteia (Dizzy Miss Lizzies Roadside Revue) at the Keegan earlier this summer, I've now grabbed a few second row, center seats for Orestes at the Folger Shakespeare Theater next spring. It's a Friday night and I think I can drag the gal out as the weather will finally be warming. Instead of getting the S&M, rock n' roll version of the travails of Agamemnon, Cassandra, Electra, Clytemnestra, and gang we'll give it a real Shakesy go at the Globe Theatre-like venue in D.C. What's so funny is that as I was ordering the tickets online, and filling out the appropriate boxes, my initial 'order' click was revoked because I didn't select a salutation / title. I've done some ordering online and I've never entered, nor been rejected for failing to enter, my 'title'. That is some hardcore requirement; I was tempted to select Msr. if t'were available. Maybe they stock whisky and martinis for the guys and sherry for that never know.

Someone, who will remain nameless, sent me an e-mail today suggesting crab rangoons to go with the planned goat cheese enchiladas at her party...oops, I slipped. Who comes up with rangoons and enchiladas?

My life.

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