Monday, September 07, 2009

it was roiling but i turned it down

The ricotta gnocchi turned out quite well. I looked over at my beloved about halfway through dinner and realized that there would be no leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The boys had beef ribs after any number of poor pork rib purchases. I rounded up an actual butcher (Canales Quality Meats at Eastern Market) yesterday and got some proper meat. I'm floored by my search for a neighborhood butcher ending up in nil; I still believe there must be a good place over in SE where there are actual people, neighbors, and true butchers - if anyone in D.C. has a good tip, I'd love to hear it. Along with the ribs I finally decided to go the way of truth when making fries as home for the little people: you've got to double fry them with an hour in the fridge inbetwixt. They get the the middle cooked on the first go and then fried up deep-and-gold on the second run. There was some talk of they being the best fries ever.

The gnocchi, which take a bit of love, came out very well. I threw the first piece in for testing as I was getting everything in line and it came out well enough but not cooked through; the cheese wasn't quite smooth; disaster. Another go and the second (more like 5 minutes after rising) was just perfect; that's when you know the goods are the goods. The warm bowls were complimented with some stewed wild mushrooms and lightly wilted sage, arugula, and spinach. I don't think there were any real worries aside from the gnocchi and they played along quite well; sauteed in some butter (and a dash of water) after rising. Regardless of what I think, they were gobbled up with abandon. I give it all a B+ because there's always an opening for more fluffy and creamy results. Practice makes perfect - you don't even want to know how many eggs I sacrificed in order to sort out the free-poaching of those bastards. Of course, I can now do it with my eyes closed. Now, if only, I could master hollandaise and/or bernaise. Fucking French.

Those pictures above? That's what my cat was doing all day while I was slaving over the kitchen (and scrubbing and cleaning the house). She's an ingrate.

I'd like to recommend The Rural Alberta Advantage to those that love music. They'll be here next month and I'll be right up front. Reminds me of Omaha.

Love to all.


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