Monday, June 08, 2009

wally world

It can be difficult to gather up the small victories in life. I think I've mentioned in passing just how much I admire both Radio Shack and Walgreens for finding and holding fast to their niches. We have Radio Shacks all over NoVa and D.C. but we are just now getting some Walgreens on-board. To my utter shock I came across the new Wallys in Clarendon this afternoon. The Eleven used to frequent Clarendon during our Ballston days but now it's nothing by a bi-monthly pass through on the way to somewhere more important. There was some legal bullshit that was keeping Walgreens from the area - at least that's the rumor I vaguely remember - and we were instead littered with boatloads of CVSs and Rite Aids; both send shivers down the spine. I can't place my finger on the difference between the chains but a good Midwestern boy wants nothing more than a Walgreens. I'll let it go; it does really seem a smallish title belt. 

It didn't hurt that I was in the area for either; a quick stop at the grocery store, a pop-in at the excellent gelato place, to pick-up my election gear for tomorrow's Virginia democratic gubernatorial primary (and a few democratic delegate primaries), all of the above, or any combination of the above when I stumbled upon the mecca - I'll let you choose.

Summer is here and the humidity is just perfect. No fear of drying out when you live on a swamp.

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