Sunday, June 28, 2009

turkey time

I'm going to try to draw a parallel and I'd like you to follow along. If you've bowled in a league at any point in your life than it'll make more sense. I guess if you been to college and worried about a GPA it might make sense. Lets say you're bowling average, based on your history, is 166. You'll generally head out to the lanes and rack up a 500 series every week during your league. Early in the season the average will bounce around a bit as you get used to the lanes, the teammates, and the atmosphere. What you found out very quickly is that it's much easier to see your average drop than to climb. The requirements for increasing your average are more stringent - you're actually excelling above-and-beyond the norm. Do you know what it takes to get that average to drop? Sit on the couch, don't give a crap, and just chuck the ball down the lane. I guarantee it'll drop like a rock. And, just to add to your bowling misery, it'll take even more excellence to bring it back to that 166 after you've spent three or four weeks struggling because you're hungover, stupid, and don't care. Once you everything back in order then moving forward requires even more hard work and thundering scores. Not only that, as the weeks pass and pile up on your league scoresheet it becomes even harder to make up time. You're dealing with a load of crap.

Here's the analogy for all the Democrats and liberals out there who are endlessly complaining. Imagine we're in a bowling league - keep that in mind - and think about how much work needs to be done in order to get back to a balanced point. You won't do it tonight and you won't do it next week. If you want to just throw the ball as hard as you can down the middle and hope for the best, fire away, it won't never does. Otherwise, shut up. Do you really think that over the course of 150 days we'll unfuck the issues this country is facing? Do you really think that over a 24-hour news cycle we'll be able to restore the country's strength and dignity? You know what? There's load of stuff that isn't being moved along as quickly as I'd like but at least I have an inkling that it'll happen - and some point beyond 150 days.

What have you done in the last 150 days? I thought so.

Maybe in another month I can read how Andrew Sullivan - and the Democrats - look back and say, for the umpteenth time, "Wow, I didn't see that coming. Seems like he's always a step ahead of us..."

Good night and good luck.

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