Sunday, June 14, 2009

lazy sunday, really.

I'm providing you, generously, with the final lap of this weekend's MotoGP from Barcelona; you can thank me later. The yellow rider is Valentino "the Doctor" Rossi, the eight-time World Champion. His competitor on this fine day is his team-mate, Jorge Lorenzo, who he is now tied with Rossi atop the championship standings along with Casey Stoner; not that any of that matters to you. Since I love just about any type of racing, Formula 1 and MotoGP in particular, I exposing you to a fantastic finish that you never see in auto racing these days. Feel free to overdub the Italian (or Spanish) commentator with your own version of "the door, the door..."

A second video to entertain you comes from some genius living in Arlington, VA. Every place you see in this video is in and around the neighborhood where we used to live - and where WonderTwin #2 and brood still live. I'm not sure this could have been any better. I do think the creator owes about 90% of any royalties to Andy Samburg of SNL.

The house has been cleaned to within an inch of its life - if a house had a life. The lawn, containing the deadly hill - is in dire need of a cutting. I think I'll hold out for closer to sunset and cooler temperatures. Betwixt now and then I'm off to the grocery to gather needs for taco variants: plain, standard, meat-and-bean for the hordes; some sort of fish tacos for the normal kids. Maybe I'll update you later, maybe I won't...

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