Monday, June 01, 2009


(photo: Keith Berson)

A couple of things: Hulu/Roku and music. I ordered a Roku box over the weekend so we can watch streaming movies from Netflix on the the big TV - unlimited along with my normal three DVD membership. The box is a one-time purchase that will eventually (fingers crossed) also allow us to watch on the big screen. For those wondering, Hulu allows you watch a good number of shows and networks on-line the day after broadcast, for free. We can pick-and-choose what we want to watch - which isn't a lot - and not worry about cable or satellite. You know what my cable / sat bill was last month? Zero. How about next month? Zero. How about in January? Zero. Point made. We don't need eight million channels because it doesn't fit our life. 

Music. I'm streaming the Dave Matthews Band right now from the Beacon Theater in NYC... on Hulu. A precious few comments: I'm not a big Dave Matthews fan but I do dearly love a great live band. I've said it before and I'll say it again - a great band, of any ilk, in full flight is a beautiful thing. These guys are tight and deserve just rewards. Of course, I've seen the Justin Trawick Band any number of times here in D.C. (they are local) and DMB isn't any better. In fact, Trawick at least gives me a band dancer and a little more funk. Either way, great music is well-worth the effort. Now that I think about it, go get yourself some big funk with the Delta Nove Band. Now I'm running some Delta Nove in my head. I first saw them at the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival in 2004. They were booked in out of SoCal by the owner of the great local coffee shop owner (and Cantaloupe musical director), Corie. I spent the afternoon sitting on hay bales under the rickety roof in 90 degree heat drinking cantaloupe margaritas and jamming to these cats. A great, great band.

I'll let you go for now. I'll drag you back in, shortly.

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