Wednesday, February 06, 2008

operatic jungle

Over the weekend the WonderTwins nattered through a color conversation while nibbling on fruit and nuts and swinging about the jungle canopy. Being a jungle bear, I simply rolled my eyes, nudged the other sane animals, and laughed at the unrecognizable language. The folk over in #1 decided to fancy up their dining and living rooms with shelves, fancy paints, and sunshine. The dining room has already been painted and the chatter on Sunday was about color palettes for the living room…oh, baby! WonderTwin #2 opened the auction with a color visual: a scarf. This scarf appeared to us on the jungle floor as something we’d call green. There was much worry between the Twins as to the greenness of said scarf, particularly when that green might be applied to walls. Twin #1 blurted out that the color might be too “sage-y” or “minty” and might appear washed out – maybe a jade would be more appropriate. “Oh, interesting…” intones Twin #2 as she takes another bite of mango and swings off to another vine. Who knew the depths of green, especially in the jungle? I began to ponder my own rods and cones and pictured that maybe a sea green, Islamic green, celadon, or a nice harlequin might explode the design plan to grandness. Instead, I just threw a busted coconut shell up into the branches to scare off the primates and then ran off to the lagoon for a swim.

Super Tuesday seemed to decide little. All the campaigns will rain down on Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. beginning today. I think Obama is stronger in the Potomac/Chesapeake area than Clinton and with an essential deadhead I’m expecting a goodly turnout at the new voting precinct that I’m charged with for the first time next Tuesday. The Virginia primary is open, every voter can choose which ballot they would like (Republican or Democrat) regardless of registered party (Virginia doesn’t register by party) or inclination. That may make a big difference as ‘republicans’ and ‘democrats’ may swap ballots in order to avoid candidates they can’t stomach.

X has booked opera tickets and a hotel in Manhattan for La Boheme in April. I tipped her to the performance of “Angela Gheorghiu, who sings Mimì at the Met…” She loves Ms. Gheorghiu so we’re heading up in mid-April. I’ve never been to NYC so a two-night, one-night tip will be exciting.

Hey to all.


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