Sunday, February 24, 2008

my gal bob

X is off at her Oscars party down in Alexandria. It's hosted by a classmate from G'town and there are costume requirements and contests. I gave her my picks for the awards after which she eyed me and said two things.

"You were nowhere close last year." and,

"I can't vote for Daniel Day-Lewis."

Apparently she cares little for Mr. Day-Lewis. I very simply relayed to her that after seeing There Will Be Blood I knew the outcome of this category. If she wants to be crazy she should vote for Juno for Best Picture - I think it will win. [Writer's note: I just missed on animated feature. I picked Persepolis but Ratatouille won. Not much of a surprise - Rat was good but Persepolis is clearly the better movie.] I finally traipsed off to see No Country for Old Men this afternoon and as much as I thought is was cinematic genius I'm sticking with Juno in the upset. The Coen Brothers will always be too much for the Academy and the success of Fargo was as good as it will get for them. No Country was full of the best acting I've seen in years but it'll get snubbed by the Academy - only Javier and the Coens (as directors) will win.

Earlier in the day I told X that she should dress as Cate Blanchett doing Bob Dylan for the big party. When I came home later in the day - after watching No Country - I saw the wardrobe on the bed that screamed Dylan. We went to Target for some Rayban knockoffs and she set her hair in tight curlers for the full effect. When she walked out earlier this evening she was a crazy dead-ringer for Cate as Dylan. Of course, she claimed it as independent thought...

Here's a library story whilst waiting for better award categories on the blogs. X went to pick up a book that she'd reserved online. (For those that are unawares, the Arlington County Libraries are greatly advanced - you reserve on-line and pick-up the book at the counter after notification via e-mail.) Anyway, X tries to pick up her book (without her actual library card but through the use of her Virginia driver's license) which is reserved under a name similar to Haute-Coutere yet not listed under Haute-Coutere. So she offers the Sunday library lady this "I think my name might be under HauteCoutere in your computer...without the hyphen." This draws a TSA glance and terrorist checklist withdrawal. She's told they are only suppose to use actual names from identification cards - how could Haute-Coutere be the same as HauteCoutere. Maybe Mr. HauteCoutere (Christine HauteCoutere!) is tapping into the Arlington County Library awaiting (and stealing!!!!) a book hold on some crappy English mystery novel. The insanity of it all.

I seem to have missed best Supporting Actress - but since I totally dig Tilda Swinton I'm okay with it. I'm signing off for the evening.

Love to all.


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