Tuesday, February 26, 2008

peering behind the curtain

The Sitemeter program that sits on my blog lets me peer into my visitor details that include things like location, referring page, etc. In fact, I can track the endless work locations of the Wondertwins’ cousin as she gets around the state of Vermont. The most interesting aspect of Sitemeter is that I can view the Google search inputs and results that refer the unknown and unwashed to my page; the rest of you that come of your own free will are uninteresting. Here’s a gathering of search queries from the last week or so:

paddle room
I get a lot of these. People have great interest in Paddle Rooms, probably British.

how to drive when pulling a car out of the ditch
I think Christian is simply trying to make himself look better.

slobberbone slippage blogspot
My favorite bar band of all time.

redlands palomino
My favorite UK-based americana band.

polenta paddle, 1985
This is confusing. I can see polenta but the paddle and year entry are very strange.

"drickey" Omaha
Mr. Drickey was my Literary Masterpieces teacher when I was a high school sophomore.

what happens when you give dusclops the reaper cloth
This is Pokemon stuff – this is what happens when you steal vocab from wikipedia.

school paddle haircut

he went to shit and the hogs ate him
Of course he did….

padilla chronology
A little politics

disenfranchised voters who can vote because no id
More politics

cake or death reno blog
Cake or Death!


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