Wednesday, February 13, 2008

queen of sandwich

My darling had a little adventure while walking to the Metro yesterday with her sister. She then spent Tuesday night in the hospital haranguing any variety of medical professionals and being tested for everything under the sun, and eventually strong-arming them into releasing her posthaste in the morning. She is fine - she went to school mere hours after discharge. I was very worried when I finally got word from WonderTwin #2 while working the polls yesterday. (The “finally” applies to me not answering my calls while at the polling place not as a reflection of Kt’s considerate behavior in calling…she was wonderful.) Anyway, no need to get into too much detail about the fainting spell, but it is enlightening, funny, and it makes everything seem a little less worrisome when we take at good, long look at testimony put forth concerning the breakfast sandwich, known as the “sandwich” for the remainder of the entry, that was witness to the event.

Kt had made sandwiches for the WTwins to nosh while walking to the Metro – a job often, but not always, fulfilled by yours truly. As X felt the light-headedness coming on whilst walking, talking, and eating, she decided the best thing to do, not the first thing but the best thing (the first being to start kneeling down), was to hand her sandwich to #2 for safekeeping. Based on what I’ve been able to jigsaw together she said something like “I think I might faint…hold my sandwich.” Two areas require consideration: Twin #1’s mindset and Twin #2’s mindset. What X really wanted was to ensure her sandwich’s safety because she was damn well going to want that sandwich when the situation, fainting, and lying about the pavement was resolved. She didn’t hand Kt the sandwich so she could simply throw it away – for shame. What Kt was thinking was that the sandwich could be thrown to the side of the road as her sister fainted to the pavement – I know what you're thinking and how amazed you are.... a sandwich/faint comparison and importance equation – but in that is how you come to understand the Twins. As things sorted and the EMTs loaded her into the wagon, and after Kt had given loving and superior assistance to her sister, she was immediately accosted by the most obvious statement from the newly revived: Where the hell is my sandwich? I’m hungry.

And there it is.

P.S. All laughter about only the sandwich situation is allowed and approved by sandwich fainter.

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