Friday, February 22, 2008

...or are you just happy to see me?

I hear that the Virginia legislature passed a law that allows citizens with concealed weapon permits to carry their concealed guns into restaurants with the proviso that they don’t consume alcohol. Here are a few excerpts from the Richmond paper:

Delegates who favored the bill said current law allows a person to carry a handgun into a restaurant or bar if the weapon is not concealed and to drink until the restaurant cuts the person off.

I’m confused on the alcohol aspect of the new bill – or the old bill. Is the legislature concerned about the relationship between guns and alcohol in public places or not? What’s the difference between a concealed gun under my arm and my .44 sitting on the bar in front of me while I slug back Wild Turkey? If my .44 is sitting there, full of bullets and glistening with machismo, and I get irritated about politics or an ACC basketball game, who is going to come over and cut me off? On the other hand, if the gun is concealed then how do they know whether or not they can serve me alcohol?

What I often encounter when packing heat is the endless problem about what to do for lunch. I mean, what if I want some chow but I’ve got my .44 strapped on…what to do? Wait! Harvey has the answer…

Delegate Harvey B. Morgan, R-Gloucester, said the legislation is years overdue. If someone is walking down the street with a legally concealed weapon “and someone says let’s get some lunch, what are you going to do, put it under an ash can?” he asked.

An ash can? I take it Harvey is a smoker and can be found standing outside the Capitol loading dock dragging on a Marlboro. How about this? If you’re “walking down the street” you leave your gun at home. I don’t think you need your magnum when you’re off to Wal-Mart unless, of course, you think there’ll be a need for you to join the militia in a exigent situation in the DVD section.

What I’ve learned while living in Virginia is that this state has an abysmal record on gun law and/or control. It seems that most guns in the District come from Virginia dealers and gun shows that either don’t follow the laws or don’t care. I’m not too hip on what lawmakers down in Richmond might be pondering. Word is that Gov. Kaine will veto the law.

On a lighter note; did everyone see clips of the NBA Slam Dunk contest? I haven’t watched an NBA game for years and I’d long forgotten about the Dunk contest. I don’t think it will ever become what it once was in the days of Wilkens and Jordan but Dwight Howard did everything he could to stun everyone. By the way, Mr. Howard is 6’11” and goes about 285 lbs.


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