Tuesday, March 17, 2009

whack jobs

I was listening to some commentary this morning about the various state governors either refusing stimulus money in whole, or wanting to move the money from one program to another. I’m of the opinion that governors probably have a better idea of where their state might need funds but, unfortunately, it becomes a problem when stimulus money is just passed out to folk and they are allowed to do as they please (see: AIG). If a federal stimulus plan is based on the ideals of the administration and congress in charge then it’s going to lead to some gnashing of teeth on programs. Clearly, the Obama plan is to build infrastructure, education, support unemployment benefit pools, and hopefully reassess and support the mortgage market. If, as a governor, you don’t agree with that, so be it – make a rational argument. But if you’re Mark Sanford (S.C.) apparently your input is that the stimulus package will lead to “debt” and “higher taxes” As Seth and Amy might say, really? If you want to push back, not take money, request to move money, or fight for your people….do so, just don’t look like an idiot. How exactly does he think it is going to work? I’ll give Gov. Sanford a story problem: you need $100,000 to get yourself through a year of your life but you only earn $70,000 a year and you can’t sell your house because the market’s for junk. What are you going to do Mr. Man? You either need to bring in more money or you’ll need to borrow. Or, if you’re Mark Sanford, you complain that living with less than you need can’t possibly be remedied if those are the choices. Sanford is nothing but static gumming up the airwaves. The state of South Carolina requires more money than they are bringing in and they’ve got a few choices: cut services, raise taxes, or increase debt. Take your pick as opposed to saying that your choices are cutting services, raising taxes, or increasing debt; that’s actually the question, not the answer. If your state’s unemployment benefit pool is almost empty and you are offered help then you should probably take it. Yes, I understand that the money won’t magically be created down the road; it’ll have to come from higher taxes and it adds to the debt – do you think you’re telling us something we don’t know? And if I may, finally, I’ll add that Sanford is a Republican – a hack Republican, but a Republican, nonetheless – and his party has spent hundreds of billions of dollars that the government didn’t actually have – we also call that debt in the liberal movement. In order to pay back this debt….they cut taxes. What? Let’s see: I ran up my credit card with more than I can afford and I think the best solution might be for me to quit my job and cut my revenues; excellent plan. That’s that, I guess.

On a lighter note; sports fans are nuts. I’m a huge fan of a number of teams – most don’t win many championships – but I don’t think that I ever get completely thrown off my rocker. Some of the Capitals fans who “contribute” to the blog at the WaPo are seriously crazed people. (The Caps have had a very uneven start to the month.) I actually think there are old coots out there who think they should win every, single game – it’s mind-numbing. Maybe I just shouldn’t read the blog; there’s a solution.

My cat, even though already demanding more than is necessary, has decided to actually speak to me when she wants her pets. She used to just climb up on my lap but suddenly she’s taken to making noise prior to arrival and attacking my hand with the top of her pretty little head. I didn’t ask for any of this…

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